Incentive Travel

Incentive travel for your delegates can be a powerful and rewarding experience. To ensure your next incentive travel trip is more than just a junket here are some objectives to keep in mind when deciding on incentive travel for your team. With the End of financial year approaching, it is a great time to start thinking about what and how to motivate your team for this year and beyond.


To ensure a return on your investment be sure to define and agree on goal setting with your team before embarking on your trip. There is no doubt that incentive travel motivates high achievers but as a business owner or manager be sure to safeguard your investment  and create common and achievable goals. If you’re thinking what type of goals should I be setting as part of your incentive program, here are some top level ideas.

  1. Increase revenue
  2. Improving customer satisfaction and customer reviews
  3. Healthier work and workplace wellness initiatives
  4. Planning for launching a new product
  5. Improving workplace culture


There is no doubt incentive rewards programs are a great way to boost healthy competition amongst team members. Choose the right incentive program for your delegates to boost productivity and drive creativity through your incentive travel. Employees will ultimately feel rewarded and in turn boost productivity and effective work solutions for your company.


BE sure to choose the experience and destination that’s right for your team and your needs. Assess what motivates your team and what needs to be achieved from the trip. Would a trip with a wellness focus motivate and inspire your team, or would it be more adrenaline based adventure experience to motivate your team.

What are some of the trends in incentive travel for 2019:

  1. Top of the list, unforgettable, bucket list experience, the ultimate for any employee.
  2. Wellness experiences continue to be in demand for high level executives and employees looking for time off the treadmill to nuture themselves and their health. Digital detoxes, mindfulness and forest bathing are all currently trending in the corporate health world.
  3. Adrenaline experiences that push team members out of their comfort zone and create team bonding experiences are another in demand incentive experience.

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